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Five details of saving fuel

In the face of the high cost of vehicles, car owners usually spend most is oil, pay attention to saving is necessaey. But many people tend to neglect some small details, resulting in the waste of fuel oil. So,i'll tell you some details.
Details: tire pressure is not very specific resulting fuel consumption
According to introducing, because the air pressure drop, the travel resistance of the vehicle, fuel consumption will increase. Professionals to provide data, -0.5kg/cm2 ( -50KPa ) of the tire running 50km, it will be a waste of approximately 150cc oil. Therefore, regularly check the tire pressure, either from or the security of fuel economy, it is necessary.
Detail two: regular cleaning of trunk
Clear trunk, can be saving, because the body weight is light . In real life, many people used to have something on the plug rear tail box, for a long time, the accumulation of things more, body added unnecessary weight, waste oil is sure, because the heavier the vehicle, fuel consumption is high. A related data, the golf bag 150km running 13cc will waste oil.
Detail three: good travel time planning
Travel time plan, to avoid traffic jam time travel, reduce fuel waste, saves time and cost. Also in order to not go astray, will naturally reduce fuel consumption.
Detail four: gentle throttle
In a crowded road to grab a quick, owners often throttle brake, and according to the correlation data statistics, rapid starting 10 times will cause about 170cc fuel waste. If you are not in a hurry, as when stepping on the gas tenderness point.
Detail five: keep safe speed
On a car, often uniform is the most fuel-efficient, and uniform state, and a specific speed is the best efficient point. A lot of cars is the best fuel economy of 90 kilometers per hour speed limit when. Therefore, in order to keep safe and fuel-efficient, corresponding to the optimum speed is the best choice.