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Nylon mesh steering wheel cover

Nylon mesh steering wheel cover

Item :  Nylon mesh steering wheel cover
Size :  38cm (can produce as your need)Customized are welcome
Material :  3D Nylon mesh
Usage :   Fit most cars & pick-up trucks
Color: Beige,grey .Can do according to your need
Interior core :   Rubber ring
Price :  Negotiate
MOQ :   500pcs
LOGO :   Can do according to your need
Place of origin :  Zhengjiang China (Mainland)
Brand name :   ChunYe
Model NO. :  CY-003
Packing :  1pcs:paper card+oppbag 25pcs/carton or otherpcs/carton


* We are the professional business of Steering wheel cover. We can promise that we will provide you the best quality of the goods and very competitive price.
* The product with unique design and workmanship, Comfortable and convenient to use. Durable can be use long time as your loved car. It’s more to enhance your personal taste grade. it is the best choice for the gifts of friends and family!
* We have the quality control system, so we can assure that our goods are of high quality.
* Our main export areas in North America, South America, Oceania, Middle East, Europe, East Asia and so on.
* OEM, designs and special needs available.
* easily slips on most steering wheels to provide a snug and comfortable feel.
* The contoured ribs actually massage your hands while you drive

This Nylon mesh steering wheel cover use good quality mesh material produced by well-designed, good workmanship, Comfortable and Convenient to use. The unique personalized design is enables you to enjoy the driving pleasure.
This material have some advantage: 1.constant temperature, Ventilation2. Good elasticity, buffer protection function 3. Light texture, washing easily. Quick-drying 4. Anti-bacterial 5. environmental Anti-allergic 6.Confortable and Durability

The inner ring is select high-quality eco-friendly circle. It not only harmless to humans, but also have the special aroma! This item has some cool ventilation holes and super absorbent. The inner material is soft and elasticity. The inner bone is make by environmental quality of the natural native rubber(white rubber) and have strong scalability Without any odor.

Installation method:
1) Will steering wheel covers top in the steering wheel steering wheel, and the top, hold hands to the steering wheel with gradually below any side taut.
2 )When steering wheel covers difficult to fixed, please another man was pulled down top the appropriate position.
3) The steering wheel bottom after installation is complete, should reach the right state firm will not slip, slightly adjusted namely after installation ends.

Nylon mesh steering wheel cover

Flexible, convenience, beautiful, fashion and health.
-Synaptic response (brain function). The appropriate amount of ion powder could help alleviate drive fatigue.
-Increased stamina, it is good for oxygen uptake and recovery.
-Improved flexibility, anti-skid. The scrub structure on surface of car steel wheel sets have skip-proof function...
-Vastly improved gravitational balance.
-Nylon mesh steering wheel cover has good effect for anti-radiation.
-Restore the appropriate charge, to promote the real heal, energy balance, and promote blood circulation.
-Enhances muscle response (in both fast and slow twitch tissues).

A Nylon mesh steering wheel cover has many functions: to protect the steering wheel from the weather, dirt and grime, but also to protect the hands of the driver and make grabbing the wheel more comfortable. Sometimes, a cover can be installed simply to make things look better, if the stock steering wheel is badly faded or cracked, or simply is not an acceptable style to the driver.

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